Monday, December 2, 2019

It was a very sunny day when we were at the cliffs on Paradise Bay  we're green trees and grass there with a lot of wind. We were having fun with my mate by the cliff we could see all the boats. Some of them cost thousands of other than cost millions of others cost hundred but they were all heading towards the Island  it was a bright sunny day.  Weren't any airplanes helicopters  insight.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Mr and Mrs Twit

hi everybody it's jrae I've had a new study book and it the twits and what's the new study book for Term 4 please comment down below.

Mr and Mrs Twit are very nasty people Mr Twit as a long spiky bed that has feel all throughout it's very disgusting Mrs twit got all curly hair and has a bad attitude Mr Twit put a frog in a bed Mrs twit glass eye glass eye in Mr Twits beer bottle they are very disgusting people. don't go on their lawn otherwise they will go insane.

Sunday, October 20, 2019


it is a legend about niwareka&mataora

There was a boy who was jealous and hit a girl who ran away to her own family. the boy had to stay there and seek forgiveness from her own family, and then there's the boy has to stay there and he ask for forgiveness and he doesn't get it until he has too big for it then he gets it and then him and the girl go to the normal world of humans.

the boy is the god of ta moko
the girl was the god of weaving

Thursday, October 17, 2019

mr fox

hi today we are learning about Mr Fox and Ronald Dahl and his book this is one of the things that we read about it this is the section that we had to read and learn about I hope you enjoy the video that me and Shane made.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

blue rower adventure across the Atlantic Ocean

Isaac Giesen is known as the blue rower, he's a famous New Zealander that crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a rowwer boat. He came to the school to talk about how he did it and what is experience was like doing it. He got to see a turtle and whales and he got to see the dolphins and other sea animals. he also swam with the dolphins and he was also very tired on his way there and back he was also experiencing a leek and his boat.

See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageThe Blue Rower

topic what I did in the holiday

 We had my cousin's birthday then my birthday  and then we had my sisters birthday then my  birthday, it was a very busy week because the amount of presents and that we had to buy  and we had a lot of stuff to do so we were had a very busy week last week. It was pretty good well for me anyway. The best part about my holiday was when I got heaps of birthday presents. I've also got $40 to the warehouse and I had the best weekend ever as well when I went to Chipmunks and I got a car set for my other car set other car seat that goes with it that goes with it I had the best weekend playing with all of my little cousins and nieces.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Orana Park

On the 22nd of September BH/TZ went to Orana Park.

 We went on the bus because we were going to Orana Park and everyone was excited and we were all jumping around and talking on the bus.The bus was very noisy.
we all got off the bus and we all sat down on the ground at the gate while everybody was waiting for the teachers and Orana Park to come out.
We got split into two groups.Group one went to the meerkats and Group 2 went somewhere else.
I enjoyed   feeding the giraffes and we also went to see the Gorillaz.
We had lunch after seeing the Lions.
I like to see the Daredevils I talked to her real good photo of when one was your morning and I got it's teethI like to see the meerkats as well because they're real I like to see the meerkats as well because they're real cute.